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Characteristics of the products

In recent years high-tech objects invade our homes, it's now an integral part of our daily lives. We found a need in the monitoring of plant's data. Such as temperature, hygrometry, brightness and nutrients. Theses information are really important for the health of the plant and will allow you to take care of them in such an easy way.
Our goal is to give more opportunities to particular and professional users by providing an easy access of the data via the website of TJIKKO company.

With TJIKKO you will have the highest quality and a reliability of the data. The products are 100% made in France by a team of engineers.

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Characteristics of the application

Tjikko Company offers you a web interface in order to collect all the data related to the health of your plants.
Do not abandon them anymore, but take care of them!
In a very simple way, go to the website of the company www.bostra.fr/tjikko_web/Projet/Tjikko/

  • Create your user account with the ID number of your receiver.
  • Or Log In
  • So then you will have access to all the data of your plants.

  • The application is free, available in any search engine and any smarthphones devices. Go on and order your receiver with our commercial partner !

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    Technicals Specifications

    Capacitive sensor for soil moisture, expressed as a percentage (range 0 to 50 (%))
    Conductive sensor for fertilizer content
    Light sensor: 0 to 1'000 μmole.m-2.s-1
    Air temperature sensor: 0 ° C to +55 ° C

    Diameter x height: 20.5 cm x 31.2 cm

    1.5 kg (incl batteries)

    Operating temperature 0 ° C to 55 ° C
    Materials: ABS plastic, PP, rubber
    Status with LED (Red, Green)
    Built-in water tank: 2.2 liters
    Volume of earth 2.4 liters
    Power supply: 4 AA batteries